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Flsynclient compiled in OE for next Easy

April 18, 2021 — BarryK

Forum member 'BologneChe' reported that 'psynclient' Synaptics touchpad maganager does not work:

Psynclient is a good idea, it is a shell script that uses gtkdialog. But we have had trouble with it.

We used to use 'flsynclient', which is a compiled binary that uses the FLTK GUI library. Back in the Pyro-series, I compiled it in OpenEmbedded, but failed in the Dunfell OE. FLTK is a C++ library, and a change in the GNU compiler broke the build in the OE cross-compile environment.

Today I got stuck into it, puzzled over it for a few hours, finally compiled in OE. I could have just compiled it in a running EasyOS, that works fine, and create a PET, however, I really want to compile as much as possible in OE.

Success finally. In the next release of EasyOS, there will be flsynclient, not psynclient.

Note that the source of flsynclient that I use is here:

The official project has version 0.7, but that is broken. This is a dead project:

Our 0.6-patched3 works fine. I don't recall what we did for that "patched3" part. This happened many years ago.   

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