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How to create a OS-in-container tutorial updated

April 25, 2021 — BarryK

There has been some discussion recently on the forum. I think it was a Puppy-Ubuntu variant, that was converted to a EasyOS-compatible SFS, ready to be installed as a container, as per steps explained in this tutorial:

Except, as the person was unable to upload the SFS to my ibiblio repository, they didn't know how to just test it locally.

Yes, the tutorial was unclear on that point, so I have added explanation about local testing.

I received an email, someone wanted to convert the 'Tails' distribution to run in a container. I have added clarification to the tutorial that currently only Puppy-derivatives are supported.

Also, Tails is a special secure operating system, and is unlikely to "play nice" in an EasyOS container. The container has its own security restrictions, which may conflict with or neutralize those of Tails. Tails will also have its own special kernel, whereas in a container it will be using the EasyOS kernel.  

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