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pngoverlay-cairo utility now in woofQ

April 09, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS, and older pups, have the 'pngoverlay' utility, which overlays two 48x48 PNG images. We use it to create the "close box" on the partition icons on the desktop.

/usr/sbin/pngoverlay is written in BaCon, and has been very troublesome. It requires the executable to be in the same folder as the icons, if build it in OE, a cross-compile environment, it compiles but segfaults when try to use it. It changes the "PWD" variable, that I commonly use in scripts -- that one took me by surprise!

We also have /usr/sbin/, that uses 'netpbm' utilities. It was broken but I fixed it in 2020.

Mick (01micko on the forum) has written two replacements in C, 'pngoverlay-gtk' and 'pngoverlay-cairo'. I am now retiring the BaCon 'pngoverlay' and using Mick's 'pngoverlay-cairo'. See info here:

As posted this morning, have recompiled everything in OE. Will add source package 'pngoverlay-cairo-20190623.tar.gz' to the build. The source package will be hosted on soon.

I have modified these scripts in woofQ to recognize 'pngoverlay-cairo' and use it if exists. Just in case, the fallback will be to use 'pngoverlay' if doesn't exist:


Note, the BaCon 'pngoverlay' is in the 'pup-tools' package, will pull it out.   

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