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Serious Xorg Wizard bug fixed

April 05, 2021 — BarryK

The Xorg Wizard is script /usr/sbin/xorgwizard-cli. If exit from X via the Shutdown menu, type "xorgwizard" at the prompt, and the wizard will run, in text-mode. Note that /usr/sbin/xorgwizard will just run xorgwizard-cli.

The wizard detects "hybrid" video systems, that is, those with two video hardware interfaces. This could be a plugin card, or in some cases there are two video interfaces on the motherboard. An example is the video interface builtin to the Intel CPU chip, and a second one, perhaps an Nvidia GPU.

The script was getting confused, thinking that the 'modesetting' driver is a second GPU. The details are difficult to explain, but the point is, it is fixed.

The confusion caused Xorg to no longer work. My PC has Intel video, no second GPU, and when chose Xorg 'modesetting' driver, the script wrote "options i915 modeset=0" to /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf, and Xorg failed.

Both the Xorg 'intel' and 'modesetting' drivers require kernel modesetting to be on, that is "options i915 modeset=1" which passes the parameter "modeset=1" when the kernel 'i915' module loads. That is the default anyway.

it is working nice now, can flip between using the Xorg 'intel' and 'modesetting' drivers, desktop loads, no issues.   

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