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The best double-wall trekking pole tent

April 26, 2021 — BarryK

The title is really a question rather than a statement. for those who hike with trekking poles, this tent, two poles required, is looking like the best of the best:


It is the Durston X-Mid, in 1P and 2P versions. Dan Durstan is a young fellow, who reconsidered the design of trekking pole tents from first principles, and came up with this design.

I first got interested in it from this thread in one of the Australian hiking forums (and Dan has also posted to this thread):

I don't know where it is manufactured, I would guess China, from the fairly low price. Dan gets a new lot in, and they are all sold just about straight away.

What really intrigues me is, having put up many tents with a gazillion stakes and guy lines, the ease of erection of the X-Mid. See video:

It is a rectangle, only requires four stakes, then you insert the two poles. Layout of the 1P:


A lesson here, a clever young person can still come up with something new and innovative.

Negative points? Well, it does require a larger flat area than most other trekking pole tents. And I don't hike with trekking poles!   

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