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The missing ps2pdf mystery

April 19, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing the saga of fixing printing in Easy Dunfell, see previous post:

Posting here as a placemarker, putting down the thoughts so far. Will append to this post if/when solved.

Feodor reported that /usr/lib/cups/backend/pdf-writer wants /usr/bin/ps2pdf, which is missing.

'pdf-writer' is a script, and I had to hunt where that came from. It is in PET package 'cups_pdf'. This is an ancient PET, for printing a Postscript or PDF to file. But the GTK print dialog offers "Print to file" as well, so 'cups_pdf' is redundant, so have removed that PET.

I looked at and found that 'ps2pdf' is part of the 'ghostscript' package. Interesting, my ghostscript, compiled in OE, doesn't have it.

I don't know if 'ps2pdf' is needed for anything, but will go back to OE and play with the configure options and dependencies, see if can build that utility.

Fixed. 'ps2pdf' is just a script. Fixed the 'ghostscript' recipe in OE to install that, plus some other scripts, to /usr/bin.

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