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Wood frame for Aricxi tarp tent

April 25, 2021 — BarryK

I posted about erecting the Aricxi tarp tent in my back yard:

The tarp is 15D silnylon and just over 300g. I like it, but the inner mesh bivi that it came with is tiny, and also very awkward to get in and out of when underneath the tarp.

I purchased both together, but Aricxi also sell them separately.

Forever seeking that "perfect tent", a new project has commenced. I decided to use the Aricxi tarp as the starting point, and sew my own mesh inner tent. I have a sewing machine, and can sew, just barely. So this will be an interesting experience -- will be sewing 10D silnylon, silicone-coated both sides, so incredibly thin and slippery. Will also be sewing thin no-see-um nylon mesh.

Did some planning with SpaceSolver, however, ran into limitations with the 3D modelling. Decided that it would be good to erect the tarp and then take measurements on the real thing. This is like a dressmaker's dummy, except I am doing it with the tarp.

Today, bought three 30x15x2700mm painted pine from Bunnings, and built this:


Setup inside, can drape the tarp over it The frame is 123cm high at the front, 55.5cm high at the back, and that ridge piece is 221.5cm long.

So, will be able to work on this project inside, out of the weather. Now impatiently waiting for the 10D silnylon to arrive from China. Very difficult to source this lightweight fabric. Want nylon with silicone coating both sides -- not the breathable kind, waterproof. There are vendors in the USA and the UK, but China is the main source. is one place where the manufacturer's sell their goods, and they even sell small samples, but need to be a registered business to register with However, I found one vendor on, ordered from them.  

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