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Attempted to compile Paragon NTFS driver

May 21, 2021 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about a technique to automatically resize the save-file in Puppy Linux:

...the post by 'telcoM' mentions that for automatic shrinking of the save-file, the underlying filesystem must support "hole punching". The ext4 driver does, that's good, however for NTFS it looks like will require the new NTFS driver from Paragon.

Paragon has submitted it for inclusion in the Linux kernel, but it hasn't made it in yet. You can see the submissions from Alexanda and Konstantin:

...v26 is the latest, and patch number 4 is v14.

The patches applied to both kernel 5.10.38 and 5.12.5, however, most unfortunately, compile fails in both cases. Was tossing up whether to wait for v27, or report the failure to Konstantin now. Hmmm, will probably do the latter.

EDIT 2021-05-24:

Tags: linux