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Kernel 5.10.39 compiled with Paragon ntfs3 driver

May 24, 2021 — BarryK

I previously reported failure to compile this driver:

However, one of the patches was the wrong version. Fixed that, it compiled with the 5.12.6 kernel, not with the 5.10.39 kernel. The older kernel required a patch, and the Arch Linux developer guys have already done that:

Great! have successfully compiled 5.10.39. The source, patches and build scripts are here:

I want this NTFS driver because of support for "hole-punching", see earlier post:

I am considering redesigning EasyOS to use a "save-file" rather than a "save-folder". One reason is will enable frugal install on a PC which only has a NTFS partition, no need to create a ext4 partition.

Paragon Software FAQ for ntfs3:

Also turned on exFAT driver, builtin. Previously have been using the exFAT fuse driver. Kernel configs:

File systems > DOS/FAT/EXFAT/NT Filesystems
<*> MSDOS fs support
<*> VFAT (Windows-95) fs support
(437) Default codepage for FAT
(iso8859-1) Default iocharset for FAT
[ ] Enable FAT UTF-8 option by default
<*> exFAT filesystem support
(utf8) Default iocharset for exFAT (NEW)
< > NTFS file system support
<*> NTFS Read-Write file system support
[ ] 64 bits per NTFS clusters (NEW)
[*] activate support of external compressions lzx/xpress
[ ] NTFS POSIX Access Control Lists (NEW)

...that "lzx/xpress" is support for reading Windows compressed files.   

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