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Fatdog64 running in a container

May 10, 2021 — BarryK

I previously reported that SeaMonkey crashed:

I copied SM out of XenialPup, that works in Fatdog. Fatdog 811 has SM 2.49.5, XenialPup has 2.49.4. I needed to provide a couple of missing libs, libvpx* and libhunspell*.

I opened 'fd64.sfs' and copied it's contents to a folder 'fatdog_811_amd64'. Put in the replacement SM, then hacked a few things, these are my notes:

edit /etc/defaultprograms and /etc/defaultprograms.template

sed -i -e 's%^DEF_BROWSER=.*%DEF_BROWSER="seamonkey"%' /etc/defaultprograms
sed -i -e 's%^DEF_MAIL=.*%DEF_MAIL="seamonkey -mail"%' /etc/defaultprograms

sed -i -e 's%^DEF_BROWSER=.*%DEF_BROWSER="seamonkey"%' /etc/defaultprograms.template
sed -i -e 's%^DEF_MAIL=.*%DEF_MAIL="seamonkey -mail"%' /etc/defaultprograms.template

edit /etc/

echo '/usr/local/lib
/usr/lib64' > /etc/

provide missing:

/usr/share/pixmaps/fatdog.png fatdog48.png

script needed: /usr/sbin/set_bg ...

[ ! $1 ] && exit 1
rox --RPC << EOF
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
<env:Body xmlns="">


Then ran "dir2sfs fatdog_811_amd64" which created 'fatdog_811_amd64.sfs'. Tested it, here is the desktop:


I would have liked to put a volume control in the tray, but couldn't find one.

The usual procedure: click "sfsget" icon on the desktop to download and install Fatdog64. It will become an icon on the desktop labelled "fatdog".   

Tags: easy