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Glibc bumped to 2.33 in OpenEmbedded

May 29, 2021 — BarryK

I have bumped glibc from 2.31 to 2.33 in the Dunfell release of OpenEmbedded, and recompiled everything for EasyOS. Some packages needed fixes, it was pretty straightforward -- search my OE tarball (not yet uploaded) for files with "#20210528" or "# 20210528" string in them.

A problem arose with the 'rust' package requiring glibc 2.32 or 2.33. Very annoying, as rust is required to compile Firefox and SeaMonkey. So I bit the bullet and got the glibc recipes out of the "hardknott" release of OE (the latest), and did a complete recompile.

And I did something very odd -- rolled Xorg server back, from 1.20.8 to 1.19.7. Reason is, I cannot get the Linux framebuffer to work with Xorg 1.20.x. Running as root, so no permission issue, it just reports cannot find the screen. Yet, 1.19.x works fine.

OK, 1.19.7 is old, released 2019, but if it still works, that's fine with me.

This project, compiling everything from source, and building a distribution, currently named EasyOS, this is an artistic creation. I am not chasing the "latest and greatest", just playing, putting together something that works for me. If there are some old packages in the build, well, that's how it is.

Thinking about 'xwayland', currently being experimented with by Puppy developers. Doubt whether I will ever make the move. Probably will stay with 'alsa' also, never go to 'pulseaudio". So EasyOS-compiled-from-source will remain an increasingly odd and seemingly out-of-date distro. But, I'm 71, don't want to keep trying to adapt to the latest and greatest packages and techniques, just do my own thing for the next few years -- before really retire and head off on endless hikes.

Right now it is 6pm. As there was a lot of bug-fixing in the OE build, will rerun the entire build overnight, make sure no other little bug hiding in there.

A few extra thoughts... Xorg server isn't the only old package in the Dunfell-series. There are a few of them, maybe even several, where I have kept an older version either because later ones don't work properly, or do something I don't like, or even not work at all.

Can't think of all of them off the top of my head ...'pango' and 'ghostscript' come to mind.

The Puppy developers are moving to the gtk3 port of 'gtkdialog' (provides GUIs for shell scripts). Problem is, it loses some functionality compared with the gtk2 version. Then when they move to gtk4, more functionality will be lost. This is because the gtk developers are removing features with later releases.

Apparently the gtk developers have frozen the gtk2 repository, not allowing any more commits. Trying to force people to migrate to gtk3.

I am going to stay with the gtk2 version of gtkdialog. A few other packages also, have kept the gtk2-based version rather than upgrade.   

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