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Preliminary thoughts about save-file in EasyOS

May 24, 2021 — BarryK

See this post about using a sparse file as save-file:

I need to think a lot more how a save-file could be implemented in EasyOS, but there is one configuration that I am considering, but unsure about it. Have posted to the forum:

In EasyOS, we have the working files in path /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}

That path contains folders 'containers', 'home', 'releases', 'sfs' and '.session'

Instead of those folders, if we had a save-file at this path ($WKG_DIR, if set, will have a trailing "/"):


Where 'easysave.ext4' has all of those folders. We mount it:

# losetup /dev/loop2 /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}easysave.ext4
# mount -t ext4 /dev/loop2 /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}

File 'easysave.ext4' has disappeared, covered by the ext4 f.s., and it works as before, no changes required to any scripts. EasyOS can create all those folders at same path as before, but they will actually be inside 'easysave.ext4'. Although 'easysave.ext4' has disappeared, /dev/loop2 is still connected to it.  

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