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All yaf-splash replaced with gtkdialog-splash

June 12, 2021 — BarryK

A long long time ago, we had a C utility in Puppy, /usr/X11R7/bin/yaf-splash, which draws splash popups on the screen.
Later on, a script /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash was written, that is mostly a replacement for yaf-splash, and a symlink /usr/bin/yaf-splash was created to link to it.

The problem is that "mostly".

What I have now done, is gone through all the scripts, in woofQ and in PETs, and replaced calls to 'yaf-splash' with 'gtkdialog-splash'. With the exception of one PET package, 'gpptp', written by jafadmin, which actually needs the real yaf-splash, see here:

I have removed the yaf-splash symlink in woofQ, and intend to compile the original yaf-splash and include it in the next release.

The real yaf-splash, version 1.02, has been compiled in OE, for both PC and Pi4, and will be in the next release.
Here is the yaf-splash homepage:    

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