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Conf files for MPV and Celluloid

June 10, 2021 — BarryK

There has been some discussion on the forum about configuring MPV and Celluloid:

Thanks to the Arch Linux guys, who explained how to copy default conf files to ~/.config/mpv:

Have added this to packages-templates/mpv in woofQ.

Celluloid configuration, though, is a mystery. I think that it will automatically use the mpv conf files, though it is confusing as "Preferences..." shows the path to the conf files as "home". They can be changed to the appropriate files in ~/.config/mpv, though whether you really need to do this is not explained.

It could be that the conf files in Celluloid are separate from the MPV ones, to specify extra settings, but that isn't explained anywhere.

Making changes in Celluloid preferences and saving them, they are remembered next time Celluloid is started ...but where on earth are these settings saved???!!! I hunted everywhere. Did google searches, to no avail.

Problem solved, thanks to OscarTalks:       

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