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EasyOS Buster-series version 2.6.2 EOL

June 29, 2021 — BarryK

I had previously announced that the Buster-series is retired, and the future is with the Dunfell-series. However, some people have the Buster-series installed, and want to update, and not have to jump to the Dunfell-series.

The "update" icon on the desktop currently only updates within the current series, so if Buster-series is installed, you can't update to the Dunfell-series -- it will have to be a new installation.

I deliberated on whether to build a new release in the Buster-series, see post yesterday:

OK, have done it, version 2.6.2 is released, download from here:

However, it must be understood that the Buster-series is at End Of Life. This update is intended only for those who already have Buster-series 2.6.1 or earlier installed.

I don't know if will do another update after 2.6.2. Maybe one more toward end of year, to update the kernel and SeaMonkey. But that will be it, then definitely EOL.

Each series takes a lot of work to maintain, and I want to simplify and consolidate my workload, hence only supporting Dunfell-series ongoing. I really just threw together some of the updates that you see in the latest Dunfell-series, currently 2.8.3, into the Buster-series, compiled kernel 5.4.128 and SM, and built the Buster-series 2.6.2 -- so it is not a rigorous, thorough, or tested update as I would do for the Dunfell-series.

One thing, I did not update the Debian DEB package database since 2.6.1. If you want to run the package manager (see "petget" on the desktop), I advise click on the "Configure package manager" button then "Update now" button, to update the database.     

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