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Internet Connection Wizard deprecated

June 19, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS inherits the various Puppy network connection tools, including SNS, Frisbee, GPRS and PupDial, managed by the Internet Connection Wizard. The Wizard can be launched via right-click on the desktop "connect" icon, or via the "Setup" menu.

However, EasyOS uses NetworkManager, which for most users does everything that they need. Having the Internet Connection Wizard in the menu may lead to confusion. Users will be tempted to select it, to find out what it does, even though they already have an Internet connection -- or if they don't, they should use the NetworkManager to get it sorted out.

The NetworkManager is a tray applet, either click on it in the tray, or left-click the "connect" icon to launch it. That is all that is needed.

The Puppy tools are still there, but now harder to get at. I have removed launching of the Internet Connection Wizard via right-click on the "connect" icon, and have removed it from the "Setup" menu.

Have removed the Frisbee PET from the package-list.  

Tags: easy