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OpenEmbedded attempt fix for host glibc 2.33

June 16, 2021 — BarryK

OE is a cross-compiler, that compiles almost all of the packages for EasyOS. The host system is EasyOS Dunfell-series, which has glibc 2.31 -- up until Easy version 2.7.3 that is.

I recently did a complete recompile in OE, bumping glibc from 2.31 to 2.33, and released EasyOS 2.8.1 with glibc 2.33.

Running Easy 2.8.1, the host system, yesterday I attempted to compile a package in OE, and got a warning:

WARNING: Your host glibc verson (2.33) is newer than that in uninative (2.31). Disabling uninative so that sstate is not corrupted.

That was followed by a compile error, 'pseudo' package.

I found a fix here:

Good, did not get the "uninative" warning.

But then the 'pseudo' package failed to compile. Hmmm, maybe just need to update the recipe for 'pseudo'.

Updated 'pseudo' from OpenEmbedded master branch online repository.

The build of 'pseudo' was successful, but then 'linux-libc-headers' failed the do_install step -- a failure related to pseudo.

I looked at the recipe for pseudo. There is a warning that any changes to the recipe not recommended, due to tight integration with the 'bitbake' script.

I ran out of patience. The OE edifice is a delicately-balanced high-wire act. I have something that works, will leave it at that. Will boot EasyOS 2.7.3, with glibc 2.31, whenever I want to compile a package in OE. Not a big deal, will install 2.7.3 in a spare HDD partition.    

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