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Stealth camping

June 13, 2021 — BarryK

Here in Australia, there is a growing trend of people in campervans "free camping", illegally or otherwise. Many shires on the East Coast are getting quite aggressive about this, imposing large fines. But it still goes on, and there are websites with guidelines on how and where to park. Like, for example, make your van look like a tradesman's van rather than a campervan.

But stealth camping can also apply to those just on their feet. Homeless people of course.

Many years ago, while travelling by car, bus or train in urban areas, I had the habit of spotting places where I thought someone could camp overnight without being seen. Don't do that anymore, but I was surprised to read that others also have that habit:

There are some YouTube videos with guidelines to stealth camping on the foot. I recall, a couple of them advised that you need to look like you are just out for a day walk. A lumbar pack or small shoulder pack, but not a big backpack with tent poles strapped to it!

There are a lot of bush trails east of Perth without designated overnight camping, for example the track from Mundaring to Northam. I am sure that many people just camp discretely, leaving no trace.

There is also an attraction to stealth camping -- security. On a trail, if you find a spot off the trail, you can easily select a place where no one is likely to see you. As opposed to staying at a designated overnight shelter, where everyone on the track will see you.

If you search for "stealth camping" at YouTube, you will find heaps of hits. Here are a couple from Steve:   

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