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Ultralight wood-burning stove for hiking

June 29, 2021 — BarryK

Years ago, I bought a few different metholated-spirits-burning stoves, aiming for extreme light weight. I was reminded of this today, reading this post: member 'crollsurf' has a really light setup, stove and windshield:


img3 42g. But may also need a metal disk under the stove, to insulate from the ground. And of course a small pot.

I also have this kind of gear. Of course, meths has to be carried, lets say a 100ml bottle for a multi-day hike. So, at least another 100g, and the bottle has to be carried such that it doesn't leak.

lately, I have been exploring the option of a wood-burning stove. It certainly does appeal -- just using fuel from the forest floor, no need to carry fuel. Even in the most arid wilderness, there are going to be leaves and twigs lying around on the ground.

These little wood-burning stoves are in a grey area, in places where open fires are banned. Here in Western Australia, many hiking trails allow fires within designated fire-pits, and in some places even on open ground, but usually only over Autumn - Winter - Spring. In the hot dry season, only a gas or meths stove may be allowed.

It is an interesting question, whether any tiny wood stove could have its combustible material so constrained as to be considered equivalent to a gas or meths stove.

Anyway, here is a comparison of many of the choices:

...some fantastic wood stoves!

But, are any of those suitable for the ultralight hiker? Like, under 100g? Yes, he reviews one, the Emberlit Fireant:


...weighs 85g (3oz).

There are plenty of others like this on Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay, but not this light. If you want to research what is out there, go to these sites and search for "wood stove folding ultralight" ...or similar words... cast the net a bit wider: "wood stove hiking".

The Emberlit Fireant can also hold a meths burner.

Thinking about burning wood, it is not really constrained. You would insert twigs in the side, so there is always the possibility of burning wood to fall outside of the stove body.

The Emberlit is fascinating, but I have ordered a different kind of wood-burning stove, that weighs 100g (and much cheaper). It is also titanium and folds flat for easy carrying. Will post a report after it arrives and have tested it.

Here is another interesting comparison of wood-burning stoves for hiking:

And if you would like to see something really creative, here is a no-drill gasifier tomato-juice-can wood stove: 

EDIT 2021-0630:
I received an email from ally, with links to very light stoves. For an alcohol-fuel stove, you can't get any lighter than this spill-proof stove and folding frame:

...8g plus 4g, great for making a quick coffee on the trail!

He also posted a link to a tiny ultralight titanium wood-burning stove, Firebox Nano, 4oz (113g):

...including its case, weight is 6oz.    


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