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Farewell SeaMonkey?

July 28, 2021 — BarryK

Sigh... I might have to give up on SeaMonkey. I am increasingly finding that SM doesn't work, sometimes partially working, and I have to resort to using Chrome.

This happened recently when I wanted to transfer money at, it did work, but the final "sending" window gave an error message (even though sending had succeeded). After the status had changed to "sent", still got an error. Their tech support advised me to use Chrome. So logged in with Chrome, and the "sent" window displayed correctly.

Yesterday, wanted to order a Telstra $40 prepaid sim online, this one:

When I click the "Buy now" button, just get a blank window.

So, I have installed Google browser in EasyOS, and now the online ordering works, have done it just now.

I have a Vodafone sim in my phone, however, planning to hike in rural locations where Telstra has much better coverage. With a $40 sim, on sale for $20, I get 40GB data with 28-day expiry. Can activate before going on a multi-day hike.

But then, not bother to recharge. A Telstra sim can be left expired for up to 6 months before the sim is cancelled. So, just have to recharge when go on the next hike, or within 6-months, whichever comes first.

Note, to start Chrome in EasyOS:

# chrome --no-sandbox --test-type can also put that into the "Exec" line in /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop, then run "jwm -reload" in a terminal, to update the JWM menu.

That "--test-type" removes the warning at startup about insecure without the sandbox, however, I discovered that cannot login to Gmail. Have to run with only "--no-sandbox".
There is a thread in the Puppy Forum for a "portable Chrome", that runs as user "spot", so does run with the sandbox.

I downloaded the DEB from here:

EDIT 2021-07-31:
Just hit another one:



Incompatible browser

We are sorry but it seems that PeerTube is not compatible with your web browser.

My SM has useragent set to report as being Firefox, including this in "about:config":


I have Chrome installed, trying that ...yep, the above URL works. 

EDIT 2021-08-01:
I received an email asking if the official SeaMonkey x86_64 binary also has the same errors. That is version from here:

Yes, still get a blank window at the Telstra "Buy now" button, and get the PeerTube "incompatible browser" (with useragent set to strict-firefox).

EDIT 2021-08-13:
Here is another one. With SeaMonkey 2.53.8, I went here: says "Send us a message via the form below" -- but there is no form!

So, fired up Chrome browser, went to the same URL, and there is the form.        

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