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Proof of Covid-19 immunity required in France

July 25, 2021 — BarryK

We have been expecting this. France has now mandated that proof of vaccination, a negative test, or having recovered from Covid-19, is now required to enter certain venues:

This is also apparently going to happen in the UK, and looking likely also for Australia.

The Prime Minister of France has stated that 96% of those now getting infected are not vaccinated. I think that this is a very important statistic, because it is the crux of the problem ongoing.

Let's say that Australia reaches 80% vaccinated early next year. Problem remains, we cannot just "open up", remove all restrictions, because we have to "protect" those who are not vaccinated. We will still require restrictions, such as social distancing.

So, the un-vaccinated will be imposing a burden on the vast majority of the population who are vaccinated. Maybe...

It seems, from what I gather from news reports, that Boris Johnson in the UK has decided "enough is enough", and those who have chosen not to be vaccinated will have to face the consequences.

Perhaps, if 80% are vaccinated, the virus will not spread and the risk will decline. One possibility, but indications so far, unlikely.

Another possibility, you choose to not be vaccinated, and you catch the virus. You may die, or you may recover. For most people, it is the latter, however, there is something very worrying -- two things: the other "opportunistic diseases" that wait for your immune system to become weak, and something known as "long Covid".

These are the side-effects of having caught Covid-19. In India, one of the "opportunistic diseases" is "Black Fungus", with a 50% death rate:

There are a plethora of long-Covid side-effects, that can stretch months after, and even cause permanent damage.

While researching for this post, there were some links to Sky News Australia, however, I will not put those links here. My experience with Sky News Australia is that they are rabidly extreme right-wing, specializing in sensationalism and distortion of the truth. This is my personal opinion of course.

One news source that sticks to the facts and mostly avoids sensationalism is the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -- I think that there is an ABC in the US, but that is different. My limited experience with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has been pretty much the same, a sane news reporter.

The news so far about "long Covid" are preliminary, but very worrying, such as this:

Another worry, to add to the heap of worries that we already have, is that getting vaccinated won't necessarily protect us from dying after catching Covid-19. But, that depends on which vaccine...

All of the reports I have read about Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines, the two being currently administered in Australia, are still effective at preventing adverse symptoms, even if you do catch the virus.

However, not so, apparently, for the Chinese Sinovac vaccine. It was designed to protect against the original strain of Covid-19, and it looks like it is losing its efficacy, especially against the Delta strain, based on reports from Indonesia and Brazil. ABC report on Indonesia:

To complicate everything, the vaccines themselves have side-effects. Here in Australia, we have manufactured the Astra Zeneca vaccine, on license from the UK, however, it is filling up warehouses, an increasing number of people are choosing not to take it, instead waiting for availability of Pfizer. The reason is, deaths from blood clots.

The Australian government, in an attempt to force people to take Astra Zeneca, has ruled that anyone 60 and over must take Astra Zeneca, they are not allowed to take Pfizer. Result, those 60 and over are choosing to not getting vaccinated. I know people in this category, who are waiting until the end of the year, or early 2022, when it is anticipated there will be enough Pfizer available for everyone.

So, with a stockpile of Astra Zeneca, what does the AU government do? They donate it to poorer countries. This is Papua New Guinea and our Pacific neighbours.

Of course, it can be argued that the risk of blood clots and dying, is miniscule compared to the dire consequences of catching Covid-19. We are fortunate here in Western Australia, being entirely Covid-free, so not feeling any pressure to get vaccinated, but that is a very unusual situation compared with the rest of the world.

My daughter, for example, is not in WA, she is elsewhere, where Covid-19 is circulating in the community, and she got the Astra Zeneca jab. She only felt crook for a couple of days after the first jab, then was OK. For most people around the world, it would seem the best advice is, get vaccinated!

EDIT 2021-07-30:
Thanks for the feedback, guys! Feedback expressed a range of opinions, I won't name names, you know who you are. Some further points...

One email warned me that the 96% figure given by Jean Castex, the Prime Minister of France, is incorrect, that he has "cherry picked" from the statistics. Here is one link where that 96% is given:

I don't know about the validity or otherwise of that statistic, but I am quite familiar with politicians putting "spin" on statistics or facts, to suit their agenda. It may be deliberate, or it may be ignorance, or the politician may just be thick.

Regarding the path ahead for Australia, getting beyond the need for lockdowns, here in Australia there is an "independent" thinktank, the Grattan Institute, that has published a report:

They reckon we can "open up" when reach 80% vaccinated and 95% of over-70s and most-vulnerable.

...they refer to "entrenched anti-vaxxers" being 10% of the population, and those people are going to hate the recommendation for "vaccination passports". Ah, but the Grattan report also states that vaccine passports to be removed when 85% vaccination is achieved.

Regarding whether the Grattan Institute is left-wing or right-wing biased, it is informative to see who has funded it:

I think that it's premises are located within the University of Melbourne campus. Government backing looks to be from the Liberal party, also funded by BHP, a big mining company, and the University of Melbourne. So, if anything, it would be leaning right-wing -- unless it is truly independent as they claim.

EDIT 2021-07-31:
I also received feedback that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines will cause a permanent change in the body.

I studied reports from reputable sources, about the mRNA vaccines, and the way they work does not cause permanent changes in the body. It does not alter DNA. Some sites with information about this:

Unfortunately, there is an incredible amount of misinformation on the Internet, and con-artists are having a field day.

EDIT 2021-08-30:
Recently there was a pamphlet in my letterbox, titled "They're Coming For Our Children", regarding Australia's Therapeutic Goods Adminstration (TGA) approving Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12 to 15.. It had two URLs, that I looked up. One was to a video by Sky News, the other to a far-right-wing pro-trump website. I read some of the articles on the latter site ...oh dear, sad that people are buying into websites like this.

I also watched a video that included Dr Robert Maloney, who claims to be the inventor of mRNA. The second Reuters URL below, has a link to that video.

Reuters has posted two fact-check pages:

I am becoming very reluctant to continue commentary on this, or any other similar issues. Political, religious, whatever.        

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