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YouTube psychotic AI is deleting comments

July 13, 2021 — BarryK

I posted recently about Mike, a guy who makes quilts for camping/hiking, getting overwhelmed and stopping taking orders:

Yesterday, I saw a comment from '26realmc' on "Dori's Hiking Adventures" channel, her video on Mike's quilt that she purchased:


I posted a comment, just a few words, with link to my blog post. Comment got posted OK, but a little bit later saw that my comment was deleted. I sent an email to Dori, asking why she deleted my comment, and she replied that she didn't. She checked in the "held for review" folder, it wasn't there either.

So, I posted again, this time as a reply to '26realmc', no link this time, just a short inoffensive text message, refreshed the page, and once again the comment was deleted.

Tried a third time, different text, deleted again.

I have posted comments to YouTube before, and they have not been deleted, so what's up????

I did an online search and found heaps and heaps of people complaining about this. This post gives some reasons that the AI uses: have to click on "more" to see the full message.

It seems that the AI does not just object to certain keywords, but also makes associations using algorithms that we know nothing about. There is no warning, no reason given, nothing, the comments just disappear.

As this guy with a YouTube channel has complained, people are blaming him for deleting their comment, but he has nothing to do with it:

"YouTube is randomly deleting your comments"

I gave up trying to post a reply to Dori's video. This is very sad, no, much more than that, very disturbing. Innocent comments getting deleted.   

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