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7 inch tablet with 4G LTE

August 05, 2021 — BarryK

Strangely, such a tablet is very hard to find these days, a 7 inch tablet with 4G LTE bands that suit Australia.

I own a 7 inch tablet with 3G support, brand name OrientPhone, think was purchased in 2014, from China. Wonderful phone, drew admirers whenever I used it in public, due to its large proportions compared with normal phones. Problem was, the 3G bands no longer work, and besides, the phone died a few years ago -- just stopped working.

Ever since then, I have sometimes browsed online looking for a replacement. However, the 7 inch tablet market has also died. Yes, there are modern phones up to about 7 inches, but they are skinny things, with screen ratio not suited to playing 720p or 1080p videos -- such videos do not fill the screen.

I travel often by train, and like to browse the Internet. Also when hiking want to watch videos at night. A 7 inch tablet is ideal, as good screen area, and can still fit in a pants pocket. Also, they are very light.

Just now did a search for information on my OrientPhone, can only find information on a later model:

...looks like mine, except has a higher screen resolution, mine is 1280x800. The OrientPhone brand is no longer available.

However, today discovered a fantastic site for comparing phones and tablets:

...the level of detail is amazing, and it automatically knows that I am in Australia and filters the 3G, 4G and 5G bands on a device for suitability for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Brilliant, I was able to find one tablet that is just like my old OrientPhone, but with 4G LTE, and even supports the Telstra B28 band, which is very hard to find. It is the Alldocube iPlay 7T. And, it is available from the Alldocube factory outlet via Aliexpress:


...yes, very old specifications! But, will do what I want. And, it weighs only 224g, about the same as my Huawei smartphone (216g).

Only 103 Australian Dollars including postage (+GST), cheap, but I wouldn't want to pay big bucks for such modest specs.

Also noticed the 8T, 8 inch:


...not much higher cost, and also supports all the Australian 4G frequencies. Ha ha, imagine answering calls with this:


The 7T is smaller, but still a big thing to hold in the hand. Found this video made by "Friendly Horse", of the 7T showing it being held:

...but why is he wearing a mask in his own home? I like eccentric characters!

Friendly Horse also owns the 8T, and here is a snapshot from another of his videos, showing them alongside:


...immediate impression, the 7T looks OK for holding in the hand, slipping into a pocket, etc. Not so for the 8 inch -- you would need a handbag, backpack, or something like that to carry it in.

The 7T is what I have been looking for, ordered it. Will probably do a write-up, suitability for carrying around on train, etc., and using instead of a phone, and practicality on a hike.   

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