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First test EasyOS Bullseye series

August 02, 2021 — BarryK

Debian 11 "Bullseye" is due to be released in about a week, so I thought, why not, update EasyOS from the Buster-series to the Bullseye-series.

Built it, booted, and got a working desktop. Some issues though...

NetworkManager isn't working, so used SNS to connect to the Internet.

Bluealsad reports a failure due to problem with dbus.

Some packages are missing, for example required by libreoffice.

I installed Chromium browser, which works great. Launching from a terminal, reports problems with dbus, but runs fine.

I tried, again, a couple of days ago, to compile Chromium in EasyOS Dunfell-series. No go. Compiling packages is so troublesome, and time-consuming. Very tempted to go back to EasyOS built from Debian DEBs. Which was a thought in my mind yesterday when embarked on building Bullseye-series.

Sure does make life easier, just installed Chromium from the PPM (package manager), and a few extra deps, and it is running.

Yes, might go with this... start the Bullseye-series at EasyOS version 3.0. Maybe also do a new theme, wallpaper, etc.    

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