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Recalling TV comedy series The Late Show

August 24, 2021 — BarryK

Daryl Sommers, host of a long-running light-entertainment TV show, now defunct, commented recently that their style of humour is no longer politically correct. That goes also for a lot of TV shows that screened in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Making fun of gays, treating women as sex objects, stereotyping ethnic characteristics, sending-up religions ...and a whole lot more.

Some of those shows might be considered puerile (childish, silly and immature), but that was the appeal, just relaxing in front of the TV, having a laugh.

"The Late Show" was one of these, screened in the early 90s. From what I can recall, it was fairly tame, just light entertainment, suitable for kids to watch.

Introducing Detective Sargeant Bargearse. This is a dubbed sendup of a 70s TV cop show named "Bluey". Introduction video, you would have to be Australian, and of a certain vintage to know the names being referred to (like Christopher Skase):

"Bargearse - Intro"

"Bargearse - Episode 1" total, there were 10 episodes.

The Late Show is remembered for many other skits and mini-series, like this:

"Charlie the wonderdog -- Run Charlie Run!"

"Charlie the wonderdog -- Double Trouble!"

...only 7 episodes of Charlie the Wonderdog.

Links about "The Pissweak Kids", and more:

Ah, the old days...    

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