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Chromium SFS runs as user chromium in EasyOS 3.0

September 15, 2021 — BarryK

Yay, works great!

I downloaded one of peebee's Chromium SFSs, and copied the contents to a folder named 'chromium_93.0.4577.63-bk1_amd64'. I changed usr/lib64 to usr/lib, usr/bin/chromium to a symlink to usr/lib/chromium/chromium, and made sure that usr/share/pixmaps/chromium.png (48x48) exists. Then ran 'dir2sfs':

# dir2sfs chromium_93.0.4577.63-bk1_amd64

...this has to be done in EasyOS 3.0, which is not yet released.

A few GUI windows popup, including asks if want to default to run chromium as a non-root client -- I clicked the "YES" button, and a SFS was created. Copied it to /mnt/wkg/sfs/easyos/oe/dunfell, then from the menu "Filesystem -> Easy BootManager", chose to add the Chromium SFS at bootup. Then rebooted.

Some notes, with pictures, on using 'dir2sfs' can be found here:

...though in this case we aren't interested in the container parts of that page.

After rebooting, looked in /clients:


And looked in /clients/chromium:


...Chromium will only be able to save files inside /clients/chromium, and defaults to /clients/chromium/Downloads.

I chose "Internet -> Chromium web browser" from the menu, and Chromium works. Chromium can also be launched by typing "chromium" in a terminal window, or by clicking on the icon in the above window.

I haven't checked, but sc0ttman's "Default Applications Chooser" is in the "Setup" menu, and it should be possible to choose Chromium as the default web browser, so when you click on the "www" icon on the desktop, Chromium will run.

This is good. For those who haven't followed earlier blog posts, this has nothing to do with containers. Chromium SFS is running on the main desktop, as non-root user 'chromium' and group 'chromium'. This provides excellent security.

However, Chromium could also be run in a container, and I will investigate this next.

The Chromium SFS requires EasyOS 3.0 or later, so those who are keen to use Chromium in the Dunfell-series will have to wait a little while! It will of course be available via the "sfsget" icon on the desktop.

EDIT 2021-09-19:
Folder /clients has moved to the traditional /home, see announcement:     

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