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EasyOS version 2.9 released

September 03, 2021 — BarryK

The previous release was version 2.8.4, on July 2nd, announced here:

Here is an announcement blurb:

EasyOS is an experimental distribution, a "new paradigm"; a blend of the best ideas from Puppy Linux and Quirky Linux, and a fundamental rethink of the security, maintainability and ease-of-use. Special features include a custom container system, named EasyContainers, a special isolated ultra-secure mode running in RAM, and all packages are compiled from source, in a port of OpenEmbedded with an EasyOS layer.
Version 2.9 is the latest in the "Dunfell series", the name derived from the Dunfell release of OpenEmbedded (OE). Version 2.9 is a complete recompile in OE, with package version updates. Also updated are SeaMonkey, now 2.53.9, and the Linux kernel, now 5.10.61.

For further information about EasyOS, read the release notes, and see further information links at the bottom of the page:

EasyOS is available as an image file, that may be written to a USB stick, or installed directly into a hard drive partition. Images are available in English, French and German:

If you are already running EasyOS, upgrading is extremely simple: there is an "update" icon on the desktop. If downloading for the first time, you will need to know how to write the image file to a USB stick. If uncertain how to do this, read this page:

Feedback is most welcome. EasyOS has a special section in the Puppy Forum:


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