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spot moved to new kennel

September 06, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS, and all the pups, login as root, but with capability of running apps as user "spot". I am planning to create a Chromium or Chrome browser PET or SFS, and intend to run the browser with user spot.

Before doing that however, spot has to be relocated to a more rational path. spot's home has been /root/spot, same as the early pups, however, have now relocated to /clients/spot, see snapshot:


EasyOS is a single-user operating system, normal login as "root" user, however, there are various users, "rover", "spot" and "zeus" created for running apps with various constraints -- it is appropriate to think of these as clients of the administrator. There is also "crippled root" in containers, and in the "Reboot, lockdown in RAM" menu option.

I have created a top-level folder named /clients, as /home is used for a different purpose. This is a deviation from the standard filesystem hierarchy.

rover and zeus have been experiments. zeus was designed as a non-root user inside containers. These are not yet well-developed, so ignore them for now.

Note that there is planned to be a lot more happening under /clients, a bit premature to say anything now. But suffice to say that the chosen name "clients" will make more sense.   

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