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The Spectator on Tony Blair

September 27, 2021 — BarryK

I posted a political commentary in January this year, and thought that perhaps would restrain myself to doing so only about once per year. Two topics that it is best to stay away from, as the saying goes, "stay away from religion and politics". But, today I can't resist this post...

Blame my idle mind. Currently doing compiles of Chromium, or rather attempting to. Each build runs for over 12 hours, and in the meantime have to find something else to do. So, amongst other diversions, visit the city and read "The Spectator"...

A couple of days ago, I visited the State Library in Perth, Western Australia. I sometimes pop in there when visiting the city, to read the latest magazines. One of those is "The Spectator", a British periodical. Later on, I learnt that there is an Australian edition, however, the library subscribes to the British edition.

I only browse through the magazine, and I don't recall it having any particularly radical agenda, no strong leanings to left or right of politics, nor idealogical policy. However, the commentary on Tony Blair was remarkably blunt, pulled no punches, which got me wondering.

I photographed part of the article, attached below. Very curious, read about The Spectator in the wikipedia:

First published in 1828! Changed hands many times. Wow, Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of Britain, was editor from 1999 to 2005. Yes, it is on the conservative side of politics.



In future, I will browse that particular journal knowing that it does have an idealogical leaning. And, I really must try harder not to post political commentaries to my blog!    

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