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Chrome 95.0.4638.54 SFS created

October 22, 2021 — BarryK

Whatever you might think about Google's data mining, the official Google Chrome browser sure does run nice. So much so, that I might make it my regular daily browser.

I have created an SFS for EasyOS 3.x. This can be installed in a container or on the main desktop. In the latter case, it runs as user 'chrome', with home folder /home/chrome -- and in there you will see /home/chrome/Downloads, which is the default path for downloading.

Chrome can be run from the menu, in category "Internet", or click on /home/chrome/chrome, or even run "chrome" in a terminal.

To run on the main desktop requires EasyOS version 3.0 or later. I have tested on the pre-release of 3.1, and it runs real great.

Chrome can also be installed in a container, and that also works great, except that it runs with "--no-sandbox" commandline option, which causes a warning message to popup at startup. That is just an annoyance.
In theory, Chrome can run in a container in any version of EasyOS, as it will download it's dependency 'easy-3.*.sfs' from the Internet and use that in a layered filesystem.

HD videos at YouTube play nicely, sound works, both on main desktop and in a container. I tested with this "Boogie Woogie" video:

...running on my Lenovo PC with i3 CPU and Intel GPU.

I haven't tested, but should work in EasyOS 3.0. Just click on the "sfsget" icon on the desktop to download an install it.

Alternatively, it can be downloaded and manually placed at /mnt/wkg/sfs/easyos/oe/dunfell, get from here (all three chrome* files):

...then click on "sfsget" to install it.

What motivated me to create this SFS is, firstly, it can do automatic updates, which I haven't tried, just read about it. Secondly, it has a 'Zoom' extension. You go to here and the extension can be installed (must be running Chrome):

...there is also a Zoom client for Linux, which is a standalone executable that should work with any browser, however it didn't work for me -- just got a black window.

I haven't tried the Zoom extension for Chrome, hopefully it will work.

What started this desire to get Zoom working, is a couple of people have requested it. There is discussion here:

Note, I expect to release EasyOS 3.1 in a few days.    

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