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Firefox 93.0 SFS created

October 25, 2021 — BarryK

I have created Firefox version 93.0 SFS for EasyOS 3.x.

If you are running EasyOS 3.x, click on "sfsget" icon on the desktop, and you can download and install the Firefox SFS.

It can be installed to the main desktop and run as user 'firefox', or can be installed in a container. This photo shows that I have done both:


In the case of installed to the main desktop, I dragged the icon /home/firefox/firefox onto the desktop, so can conveniently run it. The icon with the padlock will run Firefox in a container.

Both Firefoxes have menu entries, in the "Internet" category.

Tested YouTube for both of them, plays nice, sound works.

There is a Firefox plugin for Zoom, what I would like to know is whether this works. Feedback with the Zoom plugin for Chrome is that sound doesn't work. Zoom plugins are available here:

Forum discussion about Zoom is here:

I will probably take a leaf out of Mike's (mikewalsh in the forum) book. He wrote a little script to update Chrome to the latest version, so that he doesn't have to keep creating new SFSs.

So, my plan is, will create an update script, it will check for a later version online, and update the SFS. I plan this for Chrome and Firefox SFSs.   

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