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Fixing hardware profiling and xorgwizard

October 24, 2021 — BarryK

As the old saying goes "the devil is in the details". Testing the Xorg Video Wizard, in the situation of fixing broken video, have run into issues with hardware-profiling of the video and module blacklisting.

For Xorg video hardware profiling, the profile was a combination of the GPU PCI IDs and a checksum of the monitor edid. However, when no DRM GPU kernel module is loaded, unable to get the edid checksum, which means get a different hardware-profile, which confuses the Xorg Wizard.

So have removed the edid, the Xorg video hardware profile is now just based on the GPU chip(s).

There was also an issue in the Xorg Wizard with hardware-profiling of kernel module loading, /etc/modprobe.d*, and the logic used to determine what Xorg drivers to offer for testing.

For example, boot from "Fix broken video", on my HP PC with Nvidia card, the kernel 'nouveau' driver will be blacklisted. But the Wizard will still need to detect that 'nouveau' Xorg driver is an appropriate choice to offer, and include it in a list -- for example the list will be 'modesetting', 'nouveau', 'nv' and 'vesa' Xorg drivers -- and choice of the first two will require a reboot, so as the un-blacklist the kernel 'nouveau' driver.

I think that these issues are sorted out. The short-list of things-to-do never ends, keep adding to it, but do have to say "enough" and get EasyOS 3.1 out. Hopefully 3.1 will be out in a couple of days.  

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