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LibreOffice fr de fully translated

October 30, 2021 — BarryK

Users of EasyOS 3.0 and 3.1 reported that Libreoffice was not fully translated for the French and German builds.

I found the problem. When compiled in OpenEmbedded, the translation tarball was not being included  when compiling. Fixed.

Note, I have done a complete OE recompile, this time with 'pulseaudio' and 'jack' packages. I did this once before, somewhat half-heartedly, then went back to a pure alsa system.

However, this time want to experiment with 'pipewire', and need the pulseaudio libraries. Don't need jack in the running EasyOS, as pipewire completely replaces jack. However, needed jack in OE, as some packages need to link against the jack libraries -- 'audacious' audio player for example.   

Tags: easy