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mesa recompiled with gallium drivers

October 18, 2021 — BarryK

The guys have been reporting slow Nvidia performance, for example a report from forum member Keef here:

I had compiled all of the packages in OpenEmbedded without libllvm, as it is a huge library, about 60MB. However, it meant had to leave out some drivers in the 'mesa' package. The mesa package, in EasyOS 3.0, has these drivers in /usr/lib/dri:

I have now recompiled the 'mesa' package in OpenEmbedded, enabling the gallium drivers, which requires the libllvm dependency. Now have these in /usr/lib/dri:

Each of these is 13MB -- I wonder why they are all the same size? Have still left out the and drivers.

This will be in EasyOS version 3.1, along with libllvm package. I still like to achieve the smallest size, even though these days we have more memory available. Increasingly, libllvm is being required, so I suppose will stop fighting against it.     

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