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Meson version bumped to 0.59.2

October 26, 2021 — BarryK

Meson is a source package build system. EasyOS has version 0.53.0, however, I wanted to compile the latest 'pipewire' package and it requires meson version 0.54.0 or later.

So, have recompiled meson in OpenEmbedded, now version 0.59.2.

I am very interested in pipewire. Apparently, it can replace pulseaudio and jack.

EDIT 2021-10-29:
I have rolled meson back to version 0.53.0, as 0.59.2 breaks the build in OpenEmbedded. I'm doing a complete recompile in OE, with jack and pulseaudio enabled.
The intention is to play with pipewire, which will replace jack and pulseaudio daemons.
Will compile pipewire in a running EasyOS, and compile meson 0.59.2 just for the purpose of compiling pipewire.

Tags: easy