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SeaMonkey updated to

October 02, 2021 — BarryK

I have compiled SeaMonkey in EasyOS.

Really do need to get EasyOS 3.0 out-the-door. The days are rolling by as I play with compiling Chromium.

Chromium is compiling on this PC right now. If it succeeds, will probably make it into an SFS, and make it available for EasyOS 3.0 users.

The only other thing I want to do is update 'pmcputemp'. This is a creation of 01micko, and he has recently improved it.

Due to the change in Easy 3.0 with /home becoming /files and /clients becoming /home, there may be unforeseen repercussions. I have tried to anticipate them all, but you never know. Should be OK, but won't announce 3.0 on Distrowatch.    

Tags: easy