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Can now switch between pulseaudio and pipewire

November 02, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing with setting up pipewire, previous blog post:

Pipewire is working, until I connected a bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth mouse connected and worked, but the bluetooth speaker connected, but no sound.

Pipewire is completely new to me, so it is probably just a configuration setting somewhere. I already had to make one change, turn on bluez5 in the pipewire default module loading, as explained in the Gentoo wiki:

...that change, and the bt speaker connected, but no joy with sound.

I do get bt speaker connection and sound with pulseaudio, so for the next release of EasyOS I intend to set pulseaudio running and pipewire disabled, with an easy mechanism to switch between them.

That way, can start with something that works, and any adventurous person can switch over to pipewire and play with its settings.

Here is how the switch is achieved: there are two scripts, only one will be executable:


To switch, it is just a matter of flipping which one is executable, then reboot.

I don't know if it will end up being quite that simple, if you have, for example played around with configuring pipewire and flip back to using pulseaudio -- given that some configuration files may have been changed.

Actually, I am happy to leave it as running pulseaudio for now, as I am also fairly new to pa, and only have minimal knowledge how to configure it. There are probably going to be issues with pa, so some time building up expertise with pa is a good thing. One thing that I am hoping, is that using pa will fix Zoom.     

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