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EasyOS version 3.1.10 released

November 14, 2021 — BarryK

Version 3.1.9 was released on November 8; however, was withdrawn a few hours after uploading, due to some show-stopper issues. Please read the announcement for 3.1.9, it has the highlights that also apply to 3.1.10:

After testing 3.1.10 on a few different computers, here are some observations/issues. I will number them for future reference:

  1. Menu "Multimedia -> Audacious", the icon is missing.
  2. Firefox first startup: two tabs have the EasyOS home page.
  3. Firefox updating and hardware acceleration have been turned off, by 'policies.json' file.
  4. Firefox very slow to start. Tested in container on Compaq Presario with Core2 CPU, 2nd start about 24 seconds!
  5. Firefox: very busy Internet activity, even when just looking at a static web page.
  6. Firefox in container. File /tmp/xerrors-www.log in the container shows this when play a YouTube video:
     "libGL error: failed to open /dev/dri/card0: no such file or directory
      libGL error: failed to load driver: i915"
  7. Youtub-dl, from menu "Internet" category, downloads to /root folder.
  8. Booting from USB-stick on 2nd computer, sound was muted.
  9. Also on second computer, MSCW (Multiple Sound Card Wizard), all entries are ticked.

None of the above are show-stoppers.

As 3.1.10 has Firefox builtin, if you are going to do an update of an existing installation, get rid of any existing Firefox beforehand. It should be enough just to delete /mnt/wkg/sfs/esyos/oe/dunfell/firefox-*.sfs. At bootup of 3.1.10, the initrd will see that the SFS is no longer there, and will do a "cleanup" -- so there shouldn't be any "firefox" on the desktop after bootup.

Firefox updating and hardware acceleration both caused trouble, so they have been permanently disabled in file /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/policies.json. To re-enable those features, delete the appropriate lines in that file.

I was disappointed how slow FF was to startup on the Compaq Presario. SeaMonkey starts much faster. It was also a concern to see the Internet data activity lights continually green in the systray -- FF was only looking at a static page, so why is it transferring so much?

Muted sound is easy to fix. Right-click on the audio systray icon, choose "Preferences" will run pavucontrol (Pulseaudio Volume Control) which has a mute/unmute button.

MSCW, I need to work on that. It is functional, but the code is still very ALSA-oriented.

Release notes are here:

Download English, French and German builds:

Feedback welcome at the forum:

With the help of you guys, there will be more refinement, looking toward releasing 3.2. Have fun!

I have just done an "update" of version 3.1 to 3.1.10. I already had Firefox SFS, running in container and on main desktop. Only deleted the firefox*.sfs as advised above. After reboot, the "cleanup" did not work, still had "firefox" on desktop, leftover files in /home/firefox, and menu entries.

Another thing to fix. Anyway, manual cleanup is required. Quoting from the 3.1.9 release notes, modified:

If you are going to update an existing installation of EasyOS, before clicking on "update" on the desktop, if you have Firefox installed, get rid of it. Either roll back to an earlier snapshot before FF was installed, or...

If FF SFS is running on the main desktop:
Menu -> Filesystem -> Easy Boot Manager -> untick the FF checkbox
Delete /mnt/wkg/.session/home/firefox,
/mnt/wkg/.session/usr/bin/firefox*, /mnt/wkg/.session/root/.mozilla/firefox

If FF SFS is running in a container:
Menu -> Filesystem -> Easy Container Management -> select firefox container and click "Delete & exit" button.

You can also delete the SFS in /mnt/wkg/sfs/easyos/oe/dunfell

Then reboot, then update.       

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