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Home button fixed in ROX-Filer

November 19, 2021 — BarryK

At the top of a ROX-Filer window, there is an icon of a house, mouseover shows "Change to home directory". Clicking that icon changes the window to the /root folder.

ROX is compiled in OpenEmbedded, and there is a patch to change that "home" folder. A little while ago, EasyOS re-assigned /home folder to /files, and /clients to /home:

Although /root is the home folder for the root user, I really want that folder to be used for administrative purposes. That patch needed to be fixed, and now click on the "home" icon will change the window to /files -- previously it tried to change to the now-non-existent /mnt/wkg/home

ROX-Filer has been recompiled in OpenEmbedded with this fix.   

Tags: easy