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Linux kernel 5.10.78 compiled

November 09, 2021 — BarryK

Ha ha, that was a short-lived release! EasyOS version 3.1.9 was announced yesterday, and pulled down after being online only a few hours:

The issue was awful behaviour of Firefox on my Acer Aspire 1 laptop. Perhaps it is a GPU-related problem.

I have decided not to try and jump over two big puddles. Instead, will jump over just one big puddle, which is the move to pulseaudio. This is bound to have issues. The addition of an extra browser, Firefox or Chrome, in the build, can wait until later.

I have already discovered an audio issue on the Aspire 1 laptop, working on that.

I compiled the 5.10.77 kernel a few days ago, with wireguard and broadwell sound support, announced here:

I recall when worked briefly with pulseaudio in 2020, that the OSS emulation layer for ALSA caused trouble, so have now compiled the 5.10.78 kernel with that removed:

Device drivers -> Sound card support -> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
[ ] Enable OSS emulation

Kernel source with patches and build scripts is here:

Expect another release of EasyOS soon!     

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