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pa-applet volume control for system tray

November 05, 2021 — BarryK

I posted recently about an issue with pnmixer and replacing it with volumeicon:

However, a pure ALSA volume control does not talk properly to pulseaudio, and the levels on the slider do not correspond with those shown in pavucontrol (the pulseaudio mixer).

There are a few pulseaudio-aware volume controls for the systray, and I have settled on 'pa-applet' for the next release of EasyOS.

This is maintained by Dima, known as 'dimkr' on the Puppy Forum, and 'iguleder' on the old Puppy Forum. Dima forked the original pa-applet project and maintains it especially for Puppy:

Note that Dima registered on the new Puppy Forum late in 2020, and has since then been extremely active with developing woof-CE. Announcement of registration on forum:

And here is one of my blog posts about some of the development work that he is doing:    

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