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SFS cleanup code fixed in initrd

November 22, 2021 — BarryK

If, for example the chromium SFS is downloaded and installed, either on the main desktop or in a container, there is going to be a menu entry and in the case of a container, an icon on the desktop.

Easy 3.1.10 has code in the initrd that checks that the SFS still exists, and if not, then cleans-up the desktop and menu.

Except that it doesn't work. Have fixed it.

This is now a quick way of getting rid of an SFS. There are GUIs, so you can delete a container, and remove an SFS from the list to load on the main desktop at bootup.

But if you just want to do it quickly, go to /mnt/wkg/sfs and delete the SFS, then reboot.

Note, I recall someone once telling me that he deletes the easy*.sfs files in /mnt/wkg/sfs/oe/dunfell, to save space. I recommend do not do that. They are required for version rollback, and the latest one (at least) is required for containers.

Besides, if you are running on, say, a 16GB USB-stick, it isn't saving much space, compared with available space. If you really want to get rid of old easy*.sfs files, go to the menu "Filesystem -> Easy Version Control" and reduce the rollback depth.  

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