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The ACT hits 100% vaccinated

November 19, 2021 — BarryK

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is technically not a State. It has a fairly small population and includes Canberra, the capital city of Australia. I posted recently about the very high rate of Covid-19 vaccination in the ACT, about 95% first dose, aged 16+:

Now it has climbed to 97% double-dosed, ages 12+, and just on 100% single-dosed:

Why so far ahead of other States? In fact, way ahead of other "wealthy" Western countries such as the UK and USA. The Canberra Times has offered a reason:


Firstly, the population is highly educated, and education and vaccination rates rise together. Educated people are more likely to accept the science and to accept vaccination.

Canberrans are also better paid and more likely to be in full-time employment than the average Australian, and that, too, is a good indicator of the likelihood of getting vaccinated.

Here in Western Australia, the vaccination rate is considerably lower, blamed mostly on our complacency, due to being covid-free. The entire State is covid-free, so we have complete freedom, just like pre-pandemic times.

The price we are paying for this is very tightly locked down borders, but this will ease in the future, and we are bound to lose our covid-free status.

In WA we do have a small number of very vocal anti-vaxxers. I have received a couple of anti-vax pamphlets in my letterbox. One of them was titled "They are coming for your children", with a couple of Internet URLs -- one link is to a Sky News video, the other to a right-wing pro-Trump site in the USA.

Yes, I understand the point of view that personal choice should be respected, and that we should not be forced to be vaccinated, nor have our travel and attendance at public venue rights curtailed.

However, those who choose not to be vaccinated should take on responsibility for their decision. That includes paying for their medical treatment, such as in ICU at a hospital. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen, not in Australia.

In Singapore, most of the covid patients in ICU are un-vaccinated. So far, the Singapore Government has been footing the bill; however, that is about to change:

There was a panel discussion on TV here in Australia discussing that decision by the Singapore Government, and a couple of politicians on the panel explained that this will never happen in Australia. They explained that the AU public health service has never discriminated on the basis of "poor life choices", and that will not change.

Yes, and what about "long covid" -- we have to foot the bill for that too.  

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