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XorgWizard fixed for Radeon card

November 22, 2021 — BarryK

I recently posted a photo of my semi-retired workhorse PC, now relegated to testing video cards:

Here's the photo:


...I mentioned that it has fans all over the place -- there is also one on the side-panel, not shown in photo.

The guy who sold it to me had configured it as a gaming machine, and it had a Radeon Bart XT PowerColor HD6870 card, with 1GB RAM, two DVI-I sockets and one hdmi socket.

Soon after acquiring the PC, I took the card out and only used the on-board Intel video. Moved house a few times over the years, and that card got lost. Until now, found it in my car, under a seat. So, it is now back in the PC, and it works fine.

When booted Easy 3.1.10 from a USB-stick, got to the console OK, but X failed and it dropped back to the console. So ran 'xorgwizard', and got an incorrect window, with this text:

This computer seems to have two video interfaces:
  radeon (ATI)
  nouveau (nVidia)
To avoid conflict, please choose which one to use (or press ESC key to leave both enabled)
  <radeon> <nouveau>

...that is incorrect, because the PC does not have a nVidia card, only AMD/ATI and the on-board Intel GPU.

This same situation was reported by hundido:

I chose the <radeon> button, and it worked, got the desktop.

The reason the incorrect nouveau entry was there, was because the USB-stick was previously booted when the PC had the GT210 nVidia card plugged in.

I have fixed XorgWizard. The problem occurred because /usr/sbin/quicksetup logs the chosen video card to /var/local/quicksetup-test-success0, which /usr/sbin/xorgwizard reads. I have appended the GPU hardware-profile 'quicksetup-test-success0.${HARDWAREPROFILE}, so that xorgwizard will only read the file if the hardware-profile matches the current GPU(s).

Here is a video from 2010 on the HD6780 PowerColor card:


I wondered what the price would have been back then, circa 2010. I came across one price, US$249 or 229 EURO, but that was for the enhanced HD6870 PCS+ model, which is slightly faster.     

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