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Camping at Cozy Corner

December 25, 2021 — BarryK

I have been on a camping adventure on the South Coast of Western Australia. Stayed at Parry Beach Campsite and Cozy Corner East Campground.

Parry Beach costs AU$20 minimum per night, except the host only charged me $10, as I had a small site. Quite crowded, lots of families, kids everywhere, this is peak summer, school holidays.

Initial impression; lots of mosquitoes.

Next, I went to Cozy Corner East Campground. Like Parry Beach, no booking, just turn up, but this one is free. Maximum stay 7 days.


Here is a video:

My impressions:

Nice place, you can't beat FREE. There is one downside to the tent-only area, it is just over a sand dune from the ocean, so there is the continual sound of the waves crashing. OK, but a bit too loud if you like quiet to get to sleep.

I did not experience any mosquitos, but there are March Flies -- these bite.

Although it is crowded, the 7-day limit meant a continuous turnover. In the tent-only area, there was nearly always one site available. I observed some people just stayed one night, so if you arrive in the morning there is a good chance of finding a free spot.

Ditto for the caravan camping area. I observed some vehicles at the entrance early in the morning, waiting for people to leave. The Camp Host can help out here, as they have a record of everyone staying, and check with them upon arrive to find out if any spot is scheduled to be vacated.

And then there are those who take off before the allotted 7 days are up. So yeah, even if you have a large RV or caravan, just arrive early in the morning and you have a very good chance of finding a vacant spot. This is peak holiday season, so the situation should be even better off-peak.

No phone signal in my tent, but a short walk to the beach and got a weak signal. Also, there is a path up a sand dune with weak signal at the top. I am with Vodafone.  

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