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EasyOS version 3.1.13 released

December 08, 2021 — BarryK

Version 3.1.11 was released on November 22, see blog announcement:

As usual, fantastic improvements. See summary in the release notes:

Download English, French and German builds:

Or, if you already have EasyOS installed, you can upgrade. Just click the "update" icon on the desktop. Which I have just done, and report that it works, just a couple of small issues. After update and reboot:

  1. At bootup there are two error messages that 'mkdir' failed due to folders already existing. This is a minor issue, no problem.
  2. After bootup, /mnt/wkg/files has the wrong folder permissions. What that means is that when running Firefox on the main desktop, cannot download and save anything. Requires a manual fix:
    # chmod -R 770 /mnt/wkg/files 

Version 3.1.13 does not have SeaMonkey, instead has BlueGriffon HTML editor and Balsa email client. Let me know how they go. If any problems, they can be changed. I am planning to create Claws and Sylpheed email client PETs for comparison, as Balsa spam filtering seems a bit weak.

I received an email that samba is still broken in 3.1.11. I didn't get time to check that one. So that is something we need to look at.

I tested booting up in RAM (& optionally disable drives). Works fine, there is one error message during bootup about a missing file, but that doesn't matter.

Getting closer to the next major release, that will be 3.2.

Feedback is welcome at the forum:

Have fun!     

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