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Final fixes before releasing 3.1.15

December 14, 2021 — BarryK

A few fixes...

Alfons advised that /etc/samba/lmhosts should not be a directory. Instead, file /etc/samba/ should be renamed to lmhosts.

A couple of guys on the forum reported Easy Buster in container is broken. It was due to the /file and /home folders change. Fixed.

I posted earlier today about compiling SeaMonkey

The post commented that Chromium startup time is 20 seconds and Firefox 24 seconds on my Compaq Presario. Well, I am happy to report 8 seconds for SeaMonkey. Which is blink-of-an-eye startup on a modern computer.

EasyOS 3.1.15 will have SeaMonkey. No Chromium, Firefox, Balsa or Claws, or BlueGriffon, just SeaMonkey.

I must comment on SM Mail module, it is good. I have played a little bit with Balsa, Claws Mail and SM Mail module -- and my preliminary "goodness rating" is in that order, going up. The SM Mail module is pretty much the same as Thunderbird.

A comment on what to expect after 3.1.15:

I have a personal interest in downloading years of emails on gmail and save them locally. SM defaults to downloading the emails somewhere under /home/seamonkey/.mozilla

Fine, except for when do a rollback, roll-forward, or erase the session.

What I plan to implement, post-3.1.15, is a "permanent storage manager". This manager will select what data is to be kept in an external 'data' folder.

Intend also for a simple backup of the data folder.

Going camping soon, intend to take my baby laptop and maybe do a bit of thinking about this permanent storage manager. Though, will mostly be in holiday mode.      

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