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Maybe fix for samba

December 12, 2021 — BarryK

Alfons tested samba in latest EasyOS, 3.1.13, reported this:

# mkdir /root/share
# mount.cifs //localhost/puppyshare /root/share -o password=woofwoof
unable to apply new capability set

I did a quick search on that error message, this is one hit:

Hmmm, I think that cifs-utils has 'libcap' dependency, not 'libcap-ng' (they are different).

Anyway, I have taken it onboard to update 'cifs-utils'. Easy currently has 6.10, I have bumped to 6.14, compiled in OE.

Haven't tried it yet. Will do a build of Easy this afternoon and test it.   

Tags: easy