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OBS Studio and dependencies compiled

December 21, 2021 — BarryK

I got interested in OBS Studio after seeing it discussed on the forum:

Very interesting, it requires Qt5, which is now in EasyOS. Read up on required dependencies, and compiled these in OpenEmbedded:

libglvnd 1.4.0
luajit 2.1.0~beta3
mbedtls 2.16.6
swig 3.0.12

I installed the last three in a running Easy, but not libglvnd as it has libraries that conflict with the mesa package. I read somewhere that it is a dependency, but I don't understand what it does. Anyway, left it out.

OBS Studio version 27.x requires wayland, or at least the wayland libraries even if you are not using wayland. So I chose 26.1.2, and it compiled fine, no issues.

Runs also. It checks out the host system capabilities at first startup, and the only thing that failed was "Checking if mpv can decode to png: fail", but success with mpv decoding to jpeg. I don't know if that will be an issue in practice.



I plan to include OBS Studio in EasyOS 3.1.17.

Will leave out VYM, as don't think the UI is intuitive and it insists on always file open/save at /root -- hardcoded, which is annoying. VYM is a package that can be installed, if you want to play with it. Note, VYM has some demos at /usr/vym/demos.

Expect 3.1.17 tomorrow. I am supposed to be relaxing on holiday, so getting it out promptly, for you guys to play with these new apps. Hoping for 3.2final by the new year.  

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