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Qt4 and Scribus 1.4.8 compiled

December 17, 2021 — BarryK

Back in OE Pyro-series, I compiled Qt5 and Scribus 1.5.x in OpenEmbedded. Now on the OE Dunfell-series, no such luck.

OE has a 'meta-qt5' layer, which is supposed to be compatible with the Dunfell release, however compile fails. The error message looks like it might be related to the gcc version. My guess is that the meta-qt5 developers are focussed on OE releases after Dunfell and have neglected the Dunfell release.

OE does have a 'meta-qt4' layer, and that has recently had commits to make it compatible with the Dunfell release. It just needed a couple of little patches, and it compiled.

OE meta-qt4 also has some applications. These are the new packages I have compiled in OE:

fotowall     0.9
qmmp 0.8.6
qt4-x11-free 4.8.7
quicky 0.4

Fotowall is a picture gallery manager, qmmp is an audio player, quicky is a note-taker.

Scribus is a really nice desktop publishing application:


Scribus 1.4.x is described as the "stable branch" and uses Qt4. Scribus 1.5.x uses Qt5.

I was unable to compile Scribus 1.4.8 in OE. Well, maybe I could have figured out what the error message was saying, but I just went over to a running EasyOS, with 'qt4-x11-free' installed, and compiled Scribus.

A quick test, Scribus works. Except that Qt is not applying the "GTK+" theme. That theme causes Qt to mimic the current gtk+ theme. Right now, figuring that one out.

Scribus will be a PET package, installable via "petget" icon on the desktop. It requires python2 for scripting, which is also a PET.  

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